Vibration machine i-Tonic

The FreeMotion i.Tonic Whole Body Vibration Platform is user-friendly, equipped with a simple display of easy-to-read dials and LED screen. Simply set the frequency (Hz), amplitude and duration before pushing the start button to begin. Users can also press a button on the frame to repeat the vibration cycle when performing exercises seated or lying down. WBV works as the body's muscles have an involuntary response where the muscles relax and contract at the same frequency (Hz) that the platform is set. In simplified terms, muscles will relax and contract 900 times when standing on the FreeMotion i.Tonic set at 30 Hz for 30 seconds. This response recruits nearly 100% of the muscle fibers in contraction. 

Over the last several decades, scientists have discovered and validated these exceptional benefits: •Time-efficient workout •High muscle activation with less fatigue •Boosts metabolism and burns calories •Builds core strength, stability and balance •Improves muscle mass and tone •Decreases Cortisol (stress hormone) •Increases testosterone and growth hormones •Easy on joints and enhances joint mobility/range of motion •Facilitates blood circulation & •Stimulates bone growth to combat osteoporosis