"Karotseris" Dancing School 

We are at the footsteps of twenty first century. All European nations and nations worldwide, in general, of different customs and traditions are looking for a way to lead them to a world of peace. The aim of "Karotseris" dancing school is to encourage young people to safeguard their cultural inheritance. We take part in various folklore festivals and culture events abroad because we believe it is in this way, young people come in touch with the culture and traditions of other countries. Through dancing and in particular folklore dancing, young people may see that they have many things in common with other nationalities. By taking part in these festivals, young people are given the opportunity for new friendships with young people from other countries and create mutual respect between them. Every year we take part in various cultural and social events in Cyprus and abroad. We also organize three cultural events every Easter, in June and September. We invite music and dance folklore groups from abroad. Our dancing school "Karotseris" and Culture Association "Karotseris" have been traveling since 1992 to: Italy, Hungary, France, Arab Emirates, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Austria, Armenia, Israel, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, Check Republic, Greece, Slovakia, Romania and Canada. Samples of our social – cultural events can be admired in our calendar.
Antonis Avraam
President / Danceteacher