Barbarian Fitness Center is your quality alternative in the field of today's exercise and fitness. One of the very few licensed gyms from the Cyprus Sports Organization and combines professionalism and personalized instructions from fully trained staff. Whether you want to slim down or tone up, have more energy for work or for your family, or just look and feel better then Barbarian Fitness Center is your answer. Also, our great team of staff are enthusiastic, motivational and enjoy fitness.

They are always on hand and willing to give you advice or answer any queries you may have about our facilities or fitness in general. In addition, at Barbarian Fitness Center we give you the opportunity to step into the healthy living, to improve your physical condition and rejuvenate. In search of excellence, we continuously update on the latest fitness trends, to offer you high quality services. Finally, we offer our Fitness Services to Larnaca, Kiti, Meneou, Pervolia, Dromolaxia, Mazotos, Zigi, Tersefanou, Anafotia, Alaminos etc.